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The Property


Inshallah Kenya is a stunning 3-acre beach front property, located in the heart of Diani Beach. Whilst being extremely private, it is also in centre proximity to many restaurants, bars, shopping centres, as well as all the water sport activities that Diani Beach has on offer.

Garden & Wildlife

The Inshallah Garden is proudly home to a large variety of flora and fauna. The majestic ancient Baobab trees are breath taking and fill the garden with a calm sense of energy, alongside loads of tropical palms, colourful flamboyant, teak, mango and neem trees…just to name a few. A magical garden to spot and enjoy the playful life of the beautiful, but very cheeky Vervet & Sykes Monkeys alongside the unique white & black Angolan Colobus, which swing daily through the canopy of our large Baobab trees and leaves one in awe of their incredible beauty. It is also a bird viewing paradise with sightings of the Hadada Ibis, lilac-breasted Roller, Black & White Giant Hornbill, Common Bulbul, Red capped Robin Chat and many more. At night the super cute Bush Babies come out of their relaxing day time snooze and call each other with their distinctive voices and if you are lucky this is the place where you can spot one.


Take advantage and pamper yourself in the peace and tranquillity of your personal space, with a treatment by a private beautician that offers excellent pedicure, manicure and massage services. We also have a personal trainer and yoga instructor giving you the opportunity to work out privately in your own comfort.

Fitness and Personal Training

William Mtana, an ACE and ISSA certified personal trainer has been working in the fitness industry for more than 7 years, specializing in personal training, boot camps and fitness retreats, he has gained a reputation for getting results and helping his clients achieve their goals.

From his experience in personal training, running a fitness studio, Beach retreats and boot camps for a wide range of clients, William understands that everyone is different with different goals, needs and expectations. He has worked with clients who have had medical conditions such as: Surgeries, Cardiovascular respiratory Diseases, Obesity, High blood pressure to name but a few. His personalized tailored programs cater to anyone, both beginners and Fitness enthusiast.


There are some places that cannot be defined by an ordinary sense of time or words; they are blessed, pure and timeless. Inshallah (God willing), as its Arabic name suggests, fits into this rare and cherished category. The original Inshallah House was designed and build in the early 1920’s by an architect of Arabic origin, which also named the property at the time. It was one of the first, simple beach holiday homes build on Diani Beach. The stunning colonial house displays Swahili & Arab architectural influences, which are evident throughout the home and includes exquisite antique carved doors and furniture, fine Cedar decking, teak floors & staircases, as well furniture created from reclaimed and rare timbers such as Ebony and Mahogany. Most of the timber used in the property has been reclaimed, with much of it having been found on the beach and bush, as well as some salvaged from shipwrecks – giving each space not only a unique but very enchanting, rich and welcoming feeling.When the current owner took over Inshallah 30 years ago, they felt that it would be wrong to rename such a blessed and special place, which undeniable offers so many good vibes and karma. Over time the owners have slowly rebuilt many areas of the main house, as well as adding the Beach Cottage, Azhari Beach Suite & Melia Suite, wanting to share this special place with travellers of all nationalities, religions, and genders from all over the world. KARIBU KWETU (Welcome to our home)